Wisconsin Cheese Door County

Wisconsin Cheese Door County: 3 Delectable Cheese Artisans You Must Try

A trip to our area isn’t complete without indulging in some Wisconsin cheese in Door County, a renowned culinary delight. Known for its exceptional quality and variety, Wisconsin cheese holds a special place in the heart of food lovers. The range of options is limitless, from the classic Cheddar to the playful cheese curds that give an enchanting squeak when bitten into. In this blog, you’ll find three of the best artisans to try on your vacation to Door County.

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3 of the Best Places to Get Excellent Wisconsin Cheese in Door County

Wisconsin Cheese: More Than Just Dairy

Wisconsin’s cheese-making tradition dates back over 175 years, setting the standard for artisan cheese nationwide. The state’s cheese stands out due to its consistent quality, innovative varieties, and commitment to tradition. From the freshest cow milk to goat and sheep milk, a diverse range of cheeses are made throughout Wisconsin, each with distinct flavor, texture, and unique qualities.

The famous Wisconsin cheese curds are a popular treat among locals and tourists. These are young, unaged cheese bits with a mildly tangy and salty flavor. The unique characteristic of fresh cheese curds is their signature “squeak” – a delightful trait that proves their freshness. It happens because of the elastic protein strands in the cheese that create friction when bitten into.

Discovering Door County’s Cheese Wonderland

Door County, often called the “Cape Cod of the Midwest,” is known for its picturesque landscapes, wines, and cherry orchards and for being home to several renowned cheese factories and stores that have contributed to Wisconsin’s cheese legacy. Here are a few top recommendations for Wisconsin Cheese in Door County.

Wisconsin Cheese in Door County

Renard’s Cheese

At the top of the list is Renard’s Cheese, a family-owned and operated business with over 60 years of cheese-making experience. Known for their premium handcrafted cheese, they offer various flavors and styles, including squeaky fresh cheese curds. Their Wine & Cheese Package is an exquisite pairing that amplifies the culinary experience and is highly recommended. Stop by their store if you’d like to sample some cheese and wine.

Door Artisan Cheese Company

The Door Artisan Cheese Company offers a blend of tradition and innovation. They have a collection of American and European classic cheeses, ensuring there’s something for every cheese lover, and some awards to prove it. Visitors can peek at the cheese-making process from their viewing gallery in a Cave Tour and sample some of their award-winning products.

Wisconsin Cheese Masters

At Wisconsin Cheese Masters, they take pride in showcasing the best of what Wisconsin’s artisan cheese makers have to offer. They curate a selection of the finest cheeses from across the state, offering their customers a unique opportunity to savor the authentic taste of Wisconsin.

Cheese is at the heart of Wisconsin’s culinary heritage and traditional food dishes, and the artisan cheese makers of Door County play a vital role in preserving this tradition. So, the next time you’re here, indulge in some Wisconsin cheese in Door County.

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