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5 Amazing Traditional Door County Food Dishes You Must Try

No Door County vacation is complete without trying traditional Door County food. This food lover’s paradise has a rich culinary history that reflects its agriculture and fishing heritage. In this blog, we will explore some of the traditional Door County foods that make this region a must-visit destination for any foodie.

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5 Delectable Door County Food Traditions Everyone Loves

Fish Fries and Fish Boils

When it comes to seafood, Door County is known for its delicious fish dishes. The local restaurants and taverns offer a variety of fish cooked in different ways, but the two that stand out are the fish fries, and fish boils.

Fish fries are a Wisconsin tradition that has become synonymous with Door County. The dish is a generous serving of fried fish like whitefish or perch, with French fries, coleslaw, and tartar sauce.

Fish boils, on the other hand, are a Door County specialty that has been around for over a century. Fish boils originated in Scandinavian communities as a solution to feed large groups of people. The process involves boiling large pots of water over an open fire and adding layers of potatoes, onions, whitefish, and seasoning. The fish boil is typically served with melted butter, coleslaw, and bread. It is a Door County tradition and a must-try on your vacation.


Door County is the perfect place to grow cherry trees and produces around 7 million pounds of cherries yearly. Cherries are a staple in a variety of Door County cuisine, from jams and jellies to pies and cocktails. Cherry pies are one of the most iconic cherry dishes in Door County.

Cherry picking is also a favorite activity, and you can participate at many of the local orchards in Door County. Or, instead, if you want to try any cherry dishes, many of the restaurants offer an astonishing array of ways to enjoy cherries, from cherry cider to cherry margaritas and cherry chutney to cherry sauces. Ripe cherries are baked into bread and muffins and eaten dried. There are endless ways to enjoy cherries in Door County!

Bakeries and Pastries in Door County

Door County is also known for its delicious bakeries. They mainly use locally sourced ingredients like cherries, apples, and maple syrup. And they make some of the most popular pastries in Door County, including cinnamon rolls, pies, and kolaches, a type of Czech pastry made with dough folded over fruit, cream cheese, or sausage.

Another fresh baked item well-loved in Door County is Corsica Loaf™ and the best place to get it is at the Door County Bakery. It isn’t just any French bread but a 6-pound loaf of delicious French bread that uses specially blended olive oil and a specific baking process. It is an absolute must-try when you visit Door County.

Booyah Stew, Door County Food

Booyah stew is a traditional Belgian stew staple in Door County cuisine. It is often prepared in large batches to feed communities and served at family gatherings or events like holidays. It consists of meats like chicken, beef, and pork added to broth and vegetables, like carrots, onions, and potatoes. Then the stew is left to simmer for 12 hours or until the flavors meld together, making a fabulous dish for any time of year.

Wisconsin Cheese

Wisconsin is widely known for its love of cheese. Some popular cheeses in Door County include cheddar, muenster, and gouda, all produced with high-quality milk from local dairy farms. But Wisconsin’s favorite and official state cheese is Colby, invented in 1885.

Door County has several outstanding cheese makers who produce various kinds of cheese. For instance, Door County Creamery in Sister Bay has excellent goat cheese and serves a variety of handcrafted goat cheeses and gelato made from goat milk.

Some other great cheese makers in Door County are Renard’s Cheese in Sturgeon Bay and Door Artisan Cheese in Egg Harbor.

In conclusion, Door County’s culinary history and traditions reflect the area’s agricultural and fishing heritage. If you love going on a food tour adventure and are planning a trip to Door County, be sure to come hungry and ready to explore the delicious food scene.

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