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Discover the Top 10 Museums in Door County: A Curated Guide

Are you ready to explore Door County museums rich in the tapestry of culture and history? Explore treasure troves of art, maritime legacy, and local heritage. From the Door County Maritime Museum to the quaint Jacobsen Museum, each offers a unique glimpse into the past and present of this scenic Wisconsin peninsula.

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Door County Museums: A Journey Through Time and Tide

Door County Maritime Museum

Door County Maritime Museum is a beacon for maritime enthusiasts. With exhibits on shipbuilding and navigation, it’s famous for its Cana Island Lighthouse tower with panoramic views.

Door County Historical Museum

Door County Historical Museum houses a stunning diorama of the county. Learn about the Pioneer Fire Company, Door County’s natural history, and more.

Ephraim Historical Foundation

The Ephraim Historical Foundation preserves culture and local history through historic sites like old homes, schoolhouses, and a barn.

Corner of the Past Museum

The Corner of the Past brings Door County’s pioneering days to life at this living history museum. Tour the buildings, machinery, and other aspects of homesteading.

Heritage Village at Big Creek 

Step back in time at Heritage Village, showcasing historical structures and storytelling about European settlers from 1880-1910.

Door County Library, Egg Harbor

A center for community and learning, the Door County Library offers resources on local history and culture. It serves as a gateway for research and discovery.

Jacobsen Museum 

The Jacobsen Museum is located on Little Lake on Washington Island. It began in the 1930s as a log cabin built by Jen Jacobsen to help preserve the natural and historic artifacts in the region.

Jackson Harbor Maritime Museum

The Jackson Harbor Maritime Museum adds a distinct nautical flair with its displays on historical commercial fishing. See photographs, refurbished buildings, videos, artifacts, and more.

Washington Island Farm Museum

At this living history museum, The Washington Island Farm Museum delves into the island’s agricultural heritage with structures and artifacts from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Washington Island Art and Nature Center

The nearby Art and Nature Center highlights the intersection of local artistry in an old schoolhouse and natural beauty exhibits.

Death’s Door Maritime Museum

Uncover the tales of fishermen, shipwrecks, and the infamous Death’s Door passage at this exhibit of shipwrecked treasures and the wooden fishing tugboat Hope.

Hours, Locations, and Tour Information

Plan your visit by checking each museum’s website for the latest on operating hours, ongoing exhibits, and tour options. Many offer private or group tours as well.

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