Discover Why You Need to Visit Cottage Row in Door County, WI

Door County, Wisconsin, is home to many historic sites and picturesque landscapes. If you want to feel like you’re going back in time during your stay here, you must visit Cottage Row in Door County. You’ll see one-of-a-kind homes paired with breathtaking water views. Read on to learn more!  

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Discover Cottage Row in Fish Creek, WI 

As locals in Door County, we’re proud of our area’s unique culture and history. We’ll tell you about one of our home’s hidden gems—Cottage Row!  

The History of Cottage Row in Door County 

Cottage Row is a stretch of homes along the base of Fish Creek Bluff that lines Green Bay. The area is home to twentieth-century summer homes dating back to the 1880s. Vacationers would visit Door County by steamship during the summer months and stay in their summer homes along the bay’s calm shorelines to enjoy the warm weather and serene lake views.  

The Unique Homes of Cottage Row 

The homes along Cottage Row are one-of-kind because they embody the true ambiance and history of Door County. Each home features walls, benches, stairs, and grottoes built from local stone. The properties also feature top-notch landscaping, flowers, and plants. Years ago, local children worked summer jobs as housekeepers and landscapers for the road’s homeowners, contributing to the elegance that all these homes share.  

Noteworthy Homeowners on Cottage Row 

George Clark was President of the local stove manufacturer—Clark Jewel Company. He built the first home on Cottage Row, which set the tone for this area, being a place for the Midwest’s wealthy elite to retreat to during the summertime.  

One of the most famous residents of the Row was Curly Lambeau, the founder of the Green Bay Packers. He built a gorgeous home along the east bay shore, but it, unfortunately, burned down in 1937.  

Visit Cottage Row Gallery 

If you’re visiting Cottage Row in Fish Creek, stop by Cottage Row Gallery. This unique art gallery sits within a historic, renovated barn. You’ll find amazing pieces from fantastic artists, such as Dan Anderson, Jack Anderson, Bridget Austin, Michael Bond, Don Fundingsland, Kathy Glasnap, Mary Johnson, June Maeder, Stacey Small Rupp, Charles Peterson, and Mark Vandervinn. 

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