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Door County Sunset Cruises: 5 Stunning Tours for an Epic Vacation

Are you looking for remarkable and unique Door County sunset cruises? Look no further! From Fish Creek Scenic Boat Tours to Kayak Sunset Tours, Door County has a variety of sunset tours you can choose from. Relax and take in the stunning views of the peninsula while listening to live music on the Fish Creek Scenic Boat Tour. Or try something a little more adventurous and take a kayak sunset tour. No matter which tour you pick, you can surely get a unique and memorable experience in Door County.

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5 Great Door County Sunset Cruises

1. Fish Creek Scenic Boat Tours

This cruise is a live music sunset tour where you and your group can sit back and relax while enjoying refreshments and a gorgeous sunset. They provide non-alcoholic drinks, but you’re welcome to bring your own drinks, alcohol, and food! Enjoy a live band and learn about interesting facts and history in the area while you take a leisurely cruise around the peninsula! For more information, visit their website for the sunset tour!

2. Door County Boats Sunset Cruises

Another excellent sunset tour, they will take you around Green Bay and serenade you with great live music, interesting stories about the views, and all while viewing a gorgeous sunset! Each tour will correspond with sunset times. Visit their website to book a tour! Or you can also enjoy a similar tour with Sister Bay Sunset Boat Tours on their 149-passenger Nora Dorr.

3. Sail Sturgeon Bay

They offer many tours, including one at sunset. Enjoy seeing the scenic Potawatomi State Park, shipyards, tugboats, and different lighthouses, depending on which tour you pick. They are open to customizing tour times and even offer to create a more romantic tour for special events. Their boat can fit up to six people, including kids. If you want to enjoy dinner, they have a list of suggestions to pick up a meal to bring along. Visit their website, Sail Sturgeon Bay, for more information.

4. Kayak Door County Sunset Cruises

If you want a unique way to cruise the waters and watch the sunset, consider taking a sunset tour in a kayak! Paddle out in the water and watch the brilliant and vibrant colors of the fading sun while floating peacefully in your kayak. Have an exciting experience in a kayak with your friends and family. Choose from any of these great companies!

5. Other Boat Tours in Door County

Are you interested in some other boat tours? With Door County’s over 300 miles of shoreline, there are many top boat tours where you can explore the area in a variety of ways, including visiting cliffs, caves, lighthouses, shipwrecks, and more! You will have a blast no matter which one you pick, and don’t forget your camera!

Door County has something for everyone when it comes to boat tours! Enjoy a leisurely cruise with live music and refreshments on the Fish Creek Tour, or get adventurous with a kayak sunset tour. So, get out there and have an amazing and unique experience with one of the sunset cruises and boat tours in Door County!

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