Door County Brewery

Why You Need to Check Out Door County Brewery

Door County Wisconsin is a kingdom for wine production, but did you know it’s also a great producer of craft beers? Get a taste of Wisconsin’s finest drafts at Door County Brewing Co. This Door County Brewery is family-owned and creates delicious craft beers that are highly praised. They also host a fun and relaxing environment to enjoy them in. It’s the perfect place for a relaxing evening while embracing an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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About Door County Brewery

Located in Bailey’s Harbor, less than 15 minutes from The Ashbrooke, Door County Brewing Company makes its delicious beers using as many ingredients directly from Door County as possible! Since Door County has the nation’s largest Belgian-American settlement, they mainly focus on Belgian, French, and American-influenced beers. This reflects their dedication to making traditional brews through a process fueled by passion and a love for beer.

Door County Brewery Beers

Little Sister Witbier

Brewed with equal parts Belgian Pilsner malt, wheat, spiced coriander, and orange peel, it’s a beverage you’ll enjoy again and again. Its bright citrus flavor makes it an easy drink.

Polka King Porter

Polka King Porter is a smooth and partly sweet beer made with chocolate malts and English Fuggle hops. It’s a fun-loving beer that is perfect for drinking from a mason jar!

Pastoral Farmhouse Ale

For those who enjoy a more authentic taste, the farmhouse ale is perfect for you! It is brewed with local two-row barley, giving it an earthy and refreshing taste. It’s a respectful nod to the Belgian heritage and its proceeds support the Belgian Heritage Center.

Big Sister Witbier (Available May-September)

This rosy pink witbier boasts a tart and sweet berry flavor. For an added kick, the beer is brewed with a citrus Belgian pepper yeast and hibiscus flowers.

Lautomne Farmhouse Ale (Available September-November)

This warm and citrusy drink is best experienced during the autumn’s crisp season. It’s completed with a malty backbone, a dry finish, and touches of spiced citrus and pineapple.

The Long Hair IPA (Draft Only)

Get your glasses ready for this IPA brewed  treat! The Long Hair is made with Chinook, Equinox, and Azacca hops. It is also slightly flavored with hints of citrus and tropical fruits.

Ex-Cowboy Nordic Pale Ale (Draft Only)

Influenced by the small villages of Norway, this bold drink produces flavors of white wine and lime. Additional flavors such as mango, pineapple, and grapefruit from a dry hop are included for an extra memorable taste.

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The Tap Room

The former barn that now houses the Door County Brewing Co. has seen many changes. From its original form, the barn has been transformed three times from a feed mill, grocery store, and now a neighborhood gathering place for great beer. Stop in for a taste of fine beers, live music, grabbing a T-shirt from the gift shop, or trying a bite from a visiting food truck! There is plenty to see and do in this fun-loving and friendly brewery! It’s a great place to make new friends and tasting delicious craft brews.

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Door County Distillery

Door County Distillery is an award-winning establishment that creates craft vodkas, gins, and brandys for you to discover and enjoy.

Shipwrecked Brewery

This historic saloon has been serving great beer and food to visitors since 1882. It prides itself on serving 100% hand-crafted beers and unique flavors.

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