4 Exciting Ways to See Gorgeous Cherry Blossoms

Every spring, Door County transforms into a canvas of colors, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers and photographers. In this blog, we’ll explore the best places and times to witness the enchanting spectacle of cherry blossoms in Door County, highlighting the must-visit spots and offering tips to make the most of this beautiful season.

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Some of the Best Ways to Witness Cherry Blossoms in Door County

Door County’s cherry blossom season offers many ways to experience its breathtaking beauty. From scenic drives along blossom-lined routes to informative visits at local orchards, each activity provides a unique perspective to enjoy these stunning blooms.

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Seaquist’s Orchard & Lautenbach’s Orchard

Discover the vibrant cherry blossoms at Seaquist’s and Lautenbach’s Orchards, where the blooming trees create a mesmerizing scene. These orchards are not just for sightseeing; they’re also places where you can learn about the history of cherries and enjoy various cherry products.

Scenic Drives

Explore Door County’s scenic drives along Cherry Lane and Hwy. 42, where roads lined with cherry blossoms create a stunning journey. These drives offer picturesque views for leisurely exploration and impromptu photo stops.

Exploring the Natural Beauty of Cherry Blossoms in State Parks

Discover the charm of Door County’s cherry blossoms across diverse landscapes. At Door Bluff Headlands County Park and Newport State Park, enjoy hikes under blossom-laden trees against rugged backdrops. The Ridges Sanctuary and Peninsula State Park offer tranquil strolls amidst serene blooms. For a picturesque blend of floral and aquatic beauty, visit Sister Bay Beach, which is perfect for relaxation and photography.

A Spring Blossom Tour

For a more guided experience, the Door County Trolley is an excellent choice. This tour takes visitors through hidden areas of the peninsula adorned with cherry blossoms, complemented by forest wildflowers and scenic overlooks. The journey is enhanced with a charming carriage ride through Fish Creek, tastings at a local award-winning winery, and a delightful lunch at a Door County restaurant. And if you stay at The Ashbrooke Hotel for three nights during the week, you can receive a $50 gift certificate with our Door County Trolley Tour Package.

When and How Long to Enjoy the Blooms

The cherry blossoms in Door County typically peak in mid-May and last about two weeks. This brief period is when the countryside is painted with stunning white and pink hues, creating a fleeting but unforgettable spectacle.

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